Stone combinations strung on necklaces to enhance your life.
Sun Signs & Crystals
Necklaces to Compliment Your Life

I do not endorse or recommend the use of stones for medical treatment for any type of issue or illness or any other healing purpose.

Select the stones for your necklace to compliment your life. 

Do you a favorite crystal that you would love to be able to wear?  Would you love to better connect with your sun sign crystals or other crystals by wearing them either under your shirt, next to your skin?  Would you like to design your own chakra necklace?  Would you like an entire necklace of all of your favorite crystals and stones? 

Visit the "YOUR DESIGN" page to explore the meanings of many of the most common crystals and stones and then contact me so we may work together to design your necklace.

Visit the "ASTROLOGY & CRYSTALS" page to see what crytals are commonly associated with your sun sign, then we can design your pesonalized necklace. 
Choose the stones that have meaning to you and I will design and assemble your necklace. Contact me to inquire on the process and to discuss prices.  Necklaces start at $25 and increase as you add more stones or select a more complicated style.  I can include your own special stone or pendant if you ship it to me or drop it off.  Feel free to suggest other ideas based upon your research or personal preference.