Starting with my childhood rock collection, I have been inspired and delighted by the colors, textures, and emotions of polished and natural stones. Named after my beloved horse, Phoebe Wear Art Jewelry pieces feature natural stone pendants and beads that are complemented by other design elements. 

While working with stones I cam inspired by the their colors, textures, and how they make me feel.  I mix the colors and textures so that each piece has its own personality.  I am in my third year of remission recovery from cancer and the process of the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy enabled me to pay closer attention to how I feel and less attention to how others think I should feel.  Working with stones makes me feel peaceful, quiet, and centered.

My wish is that your Phoebe Wear piece will make you feel as good as it made me feel designing and assembling it.

Photo by Brent Russell Photography

Swoon Song Two
Photo by Montana Rose Photography